Clear up the fuzzy front-end of innovation

Intuido is an online tool that helps you manage insights collection for early innovation processes.

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  • Skaza
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Activate your team’s innovation potential

Intuido helps you seamlessly introduce early innovation processes and never leaves your team astray

1Educate your team to collect, record and analyse insights to be applied in your innovation efforts

2Discover unmet needs of your customers, employees, business partners and other stakeholders

3Bring time-efficiency, a clear overview and structure into your fuzzy processes of front-end innovation and de-risk decision-making

4Future-proof your products, services and communication, improve internal processes and innovate your business model

5Break down silos and ensure multidisciplinary collaboration

Digitise your research projects

Run insights collection, analysis and manage your research team, online & remotely

Step 1 Set up a research project, define your target number of insights and invite your research team — all remotely

Step 2 While your team collects and submits insights, your role as project owner is to review them and confirm or reject in case they need reworking

Step 3 As you reach the target number of confirmed insights, finalise its collection and move on to the next stage

Step 4 Go through insights one by one and cluster familiar ones into meaningful groups according to the aim of your research project

Step 5 Develop innovation directions based on your insight groups and set up a workshop to expand them into innovation opportunities [workshop to be run offline, not yet supported by the current version of Intuido]

From SME’s to multinational organisations

The tool of choice for innovation-driven companies in competitive industries

Companies and organisations pressured by competitors, users, markets for regular and frequent innovation efforts

Companies and organisations in highly competitive markets being disrupted or aim to disrupt

Consultancies and design agencies who look to support its clients in their innovation processes

Ambitious companies looking to integrate or further optimise innovation management processes

What our users say

“We could never have done it if it wasn’t for Intuido”

Design research process proved essential in defining innovation opportunities when developing our sailing boats. It is exciting to hear that this process is now available in digital form.

Andraž Mihelin
Founder and CEO, Seascape

Using Intuido, we were able to collect more than 300 insights in just 2 weeks, providing us with a better understanding of our users, their experiences and needs. The tool also enabled us to create organised and well-structured innovation guidelines that will help shape the development of our products and services in the future.

Matija Torlak
Creative Director, Plastika Skaza

A written insight is so much more valuable than a spoken one. By writing down, structuring and vizualising the issue, one is encouraged to really get to the core of it, thereby uncovering the underlying problems and opportunities.

Katja Kerin Rozman
Deputy Director of Strategic Marketing

About us

Intuido was developed by a team of design strategists and researchers at Sito, an awarded design and innovation consultancy.

While collaborating with our clients on design research projects, we’ve realised there are lots of processes that are too fuzzy, lacking control or inefficient, that could be managed much better if we could do it online.

This is how Intuido was born. The positive feedback we received from our early users - our clients - encouraged us to keep developing, upgrading its features and provide other teams around the world with a seamless, educational and user-friendly tool to manage the most fuzzy parts of early innovation.

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